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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry malarkey

See See Rider
Hi all! Just a quick hello to say I am back! I do have an excuse as to why I've been away... I've moved! And now I have internet access, so I'm back.

I'm so glad Xmas and new year is over and done with. I am not an overly grumpy person (ok some might disagree) but I am not a fan of the "holiday season". After a horrible year I am in no mood to slap on a happy mask and pretend to have a good time with others, when all I really want is to stay in my new house alone and uninterrupted.

As well as the expectation from others to spend an insane amount of money on presents. I am unemployed, people and have been for over a year.

I could complain forever about xmas.

Other things I can easily spend all day complaining about include men, the NHS, the government, the benefits people, healthy people who complain about a cold, digital cameras, and of course MS.

If any of you would like a written review of my opinions on any of the previously mentioned, don't hesitate to contact me.
Oh and Candy Cane, I'm not doing it unless you're doing it with me. So there :-p. lol.


Candy Cane said...

Ok.... lets start with the government. I want 1500 words on my desk by friday or you're in detention young lady.

see see rider said...

Why don't you call me and you can type while i talk...

Candy Cane said...

oh no, that would be far too confusing... just talk! (wait till i get more free minutes though)