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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here I am again, apologising for going AWOL. I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. And all you commenters that I love to read have disappeared, I feel like I've let you all down, please come back!

To be honest I haven't been on the computer much at all lately. Just every now and then when I need to buy beads for jewellary making or a new handbag, and then it's on again, off again. Oh and I read my emails... or the important ones at least. I really am too tired to sit through 20 funnies that aren't funny, and oh god, those fake sentimental I love you chains. I am NOT going to turn into a 3 legged rat if i don't send them on, ok??? I do however appreciate funny funnies, you may send me these... unfortunatly as I am anonymous in this blog my pleas will go unheard.

The reason I've been AWOL is cos I've had Trigeminal neuralgia. The pain is pretty much under control now on tegratol, and a pretty small dose so it's not really that bad. But it has left me with MASSIVE brain fog. I can't really concentrate, so I can't stay on the pooter too long as it's very tiring, let alone think long enough to write a blog entry, or think enough to type and follow a conversation in JJs chatroom or on msn, so I've been missing my JJs friends alot. I can't really concentrate on stuff like crosswords or kakurus in the paper. I mean I can do them, It's just not that enjoyable because I'm on another planet. And I can't make jewellary because I can't really coordinate my brain, eyes and hands. So I'm quite bored round the house during the day because I have nothing to do. There's pleanty I would like to do I just cant. And worse of all, I'm not tired enough to sleep a day away, it's just not that type of fatigue. So I'm stuck in this foggy world of nothingness, boredom and frustration.

When I do go out, which like alot of you I'm sure, I don't get to do very often. I enjoy it but I drift in and out of conversations. I really hope people understand I'm not being rude, I just can't hold the concentration long and sometimes I have to go into my own little world and try to shut out the noise and the movement so my senses recover and I can join in again.

So my plan for this week...
Well, I have one earring still to make, I made the other ages ago but still havent managed to finish the pair
Finish the telegraph saturday crossword. That includes rubbing out all my mums entrys and writing them in neatly... I definitly have OCD issues LOL
Go to the DR with my shopping list of issues. These include exthma (I can't spell it and I'm not looking it up) and a DRs note to let me do a giant zip slide across the River Clyde in Glasgow.
I'm doing the zip slide to raise money for the MS Society, I'll tell you all about it when I get confirmation. But oooh I'm excited!

Speak to you all soon, as soon as can be, bearing in mind to me a fortnight feels like about 3 days

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