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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holiday costs

Wow me, two blogs in a week! It seems lots of people are telling me about their holiday plans for this year. It seems very unlikely I will go away this year again, but have been looking at a few "disabled friendly" sites on line. I also came across a holiday brochure that I picked up at the last MS life show. Giving you holidays in Europe and with details of how disabled friendly these places were.

What struck me as odd was that all of the places had roll in showers in the bathrooms instead of baths, but if you wanted to be able to use the shower you had to pay extra for a shower chair hire that week. I'm not sure how common this arrangement is in the UK, but does seem very peculiar. Since they have failed to provide a simple chair fixed to wall , means that nearly everyone would have to pay this cost.

Its like charging abled bodied people for the hire of a toilet seat, well we "give" you the toilet but if you want to sit and use it comfortably the extra expense is going to cost you!

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