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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bridget Jones

Shop Till You Drop
Hello everyone! My first post has taken me rather longer than expected as it seems quite technical all this stuff. Just more my brain than PC.
Note to self should have read Smokey's post on not forgetting password before trying to do this!

Just been having a lazy evening watching Bridget Jones Diary on TV, thought it was quite ironic really as starting this blog. Though if Ms Jones did get MS her diary might look more like;

Times bumped, slipped, fallen... 5
Times ruined nice top by tipping coffee down... 3
Times thought this looks ridiculous but doing it this way is easier... 22
Times gone into room and thought what was I doing?... 4

Sadly no nice Mr Darcy at present, aren't those supermarket aisles with all those frozen meals for one supposed to be single pick up points??? I've yet to have any success! Must dash for now hetic partying night ahead (Me and fluffy PJs on sofa with Horlicks).

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Missing Memory

Yay I have managed to get in. This has been fun adventure just to write to you. Due to my awful memory I had forgotten my password. So I requested the email thingy that either gives you a new password or it gives you a special link so you can make a password up yourself. It said if after fifteen minutes you still have not received your email please contact "Blogger Support", so I clicked the link to do so after waiting twenty minutes. They wanted me to sign in to contact them, I almost screamed, the only reason I was wanting to contact them was because I had forgotten my password and couldn't sign in !!! So again I requested this email and while I was waiting had a shower, a cup off coffee and a couple of biscuits, and still no email arrived. Grrrrr. So I tried a third time and still no email. For some crazy reason I finally remembered my password, so now I am in and I am writing (phew). A message to my fellow bloggers, don't forget your password, email yourself it, write it in six foot letters on your bedroom wall, tattoo it to yourself, do what ever it takes to remember the password, save yourself from the insane stress I went through just to write in here !

This week seemed so very busy although not much got achieved. I went to visit my grandmother for her birthday, due to her failing mobility and me pushing myself too far the day before we stayed in. It was still a very enjoyable day though, just nattering and drinking to much tea and coffee. Her heating as usual was on super hot, so fatigue soon hit in, and I spent half the time like a zombie, going outside to smoke far to often just to cool down and remove some of the cotton wall that was beginning to fill my head.

Now it feels like my body has gone on three vocations. My legs have gone somewhere cold, like the antarctic, my torso has gone somewhere hot like the equator. My head, especially my brain, has departed to space. Although I still consider today a good day as I have no aches or pains. The only thing that is reminding me that I am still here, that I am still alive is my bladder screaming at me every ten to fifteen minutes, pretending it is desperate for a pee, yet when I manage to wobble to the toilet it refuses to do anything. It is so very annoying as the effort of going to the toilet is like an able bodied person doing a hundred press ups (I would have thought). Got it all sorted now though, I have discovered if I sit there long enough something, how ever small, happens, so I have a book in there. It is a three hundred page book and I am already half way through it. OK enough about my toilet experience.

I went to see my neurologist this week, my regular one is on holiday, no doubt somewhere nice and warm, so I saw the locum. After embarrassing the poor man, we seemed to get along OK. I was amazed at how fast he was with that annoying little hammer to test my reflexes, I have never seen someone use it so fast and skilled !!! He concluded that my central nervous system (CNS) is not as good as it is meant to be (no s**t) but he is pleased that it is no worse than my notes suggested it was before. So I don't have to go back for another six months unless I want to go back any earlier. :-D

Right now I am off for a nice warm mug off coffee and something to eat. Have a great week and good health.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Blog (take 2)

Candy Cane
This isn't the first entry I've written.... it's the second..... i asked jooly to remove the first one cos i wrote it under the influence of extreme mental fatigue and it was pants! Well fate has come round to bite me in the ass, as a week later I'm even more mentally fatigued and jooly has cracked her whip.... so you'll just all have to read the following nonsense

So I better follow everyone elses example an tell you about myself I'm 21, I was Diagnosed with MS on September 1st 2003, my parents silver wedding anniversary at the age of 18. I was forced to leave school not long after and have been unemployed ever since

Well thats my bit for today, I'll let you know what i DO get up to in the next few days, weeks or months (depending on when i next do something ;-) )

Kisses xx

Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Post

Well as the title say's this is my very first post & well to be honest with you, I have absoloutly no idea what to say now I'm here.

Hmm (puts on thinking cap).

Well I guess I should tell you guys a little about myself:

I was Diagnosed with RRMS at the age of 25 in Sept 03 & have been on Rebif since Oct 03 & yeah am one of those people who just don't look sick... anybody out there know what someone with MS is supposed to look like??

Yeah!! life with MS is tough, the constant struggle with fatigue & all those other crappy things that come along but it doesn't mean that your life is over, not by a long shot! Ok things are a little tougher & things have got to planned more.

For me my MS diagnosis was kinda a wake up call. Telling me that I should do all those things that I had wanted to for so long... like travelling & going back to college.

Am gonna close for now but I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Brooke x

Saturday, February 10, 2007

First time blogging

My first ever entry into a blog, of any kind, so please be patient with me. When Jooly mentioned this blog I thought, what a great idea and was delighted and honoured when she asked me to be part off it, so I leapt at the chance! Now though my mind has gone blank and I do not know what to write.

I am female in my early twenties, I got diagnosed with RRMS during my late teens. I have been on a rollercoaster ride emotionally and physically since then. At the present moment I am in a very up and down relapse, some days are more bearable than others, some days I am more physically able than others.

Today I manage to avoid all rugby related situations as sport really does not appeal to me. I went into town and amazingly brought nothing!

I will no doubt tell you more about me as and when something comes into my head to share with you. For now I wish you all a great weekend (what remains of it) and good health.