The random rants and meaningful musings of seven digital divas (who happen to have MS)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back on track

I have a meeting to resume my ill fated fashion show next Tuesday. As the Scissor Sisters once said 'Better luck next time'

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Been blah, but better

Quiet here, innit? I think we're all suffering from an attack of the winter blahs.

I've been off university sick, which irritates me immensely. I know I needed to (listen to your body, as I tell everyone else in JJ's) but it doesn't mean I have to like doing it! Basic problem was my liver decided to start acting up, because of the meds I'm on for all my various ailments. The GP and I agreed various changes to my meds schedule which has pretty much sorted out the liver probs, but being ill with that made the MS kick off.


Anyway, here I am now - as of yesterday, back at uni. Well, at home, cos I have nothing I need to go in for this week so I'm working at home. You get the general idea though.

Tomorrow I have a hospital appointment with a neuro (not my usual one) who may have made his mind up whether I can have Novantrone. I suspect the answer is going to be "no" as I need a healthy liver to get it, and mine has just been acting up...will see what he has to say for himself though!

Hope you're all well xx