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Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm still alive!

Hi everyone,
Do not adjust your sets, it actually is me! No I haven't dropped dead or been back packing in darkest Peru without Internet access! I have had a little break for a while, and been busy completing my end of year exams for Uni so no I'm back.

I decided to go out to the library today, after all my studying I can now legitimately read a non work book without feeling guilty. It was quite funny- you know how most people who work in the job centre (see posts by smokey) amaze you by being employed, well I think 3 of them have been on secondment from job centre plus!

The displays similar trates in behaviour...
1. Totally incapable at doing their job
2. Fact that might need to do more than 1 thing at once, is overwheming
3. Have to discuss with someone else how to do basic task- which form to give, which button to press on computer.
4. Speed levels are dead slow or stop
5. No shame in asking a collegue for help with basic task, while proclaim loudly 'Ive not had training for this'.
6. NO sense of time see that the 7 people waiting continue to look at watches etc, while they consult whether a juinor card is green or blue etc.
7. Use of technology is treated as if they are in control of control panel to set off world war 3.
Is it just my library or does everyone else find the same?

Well I made it out of there alive, this poor lady who was behind me was sitting waiting (whilst pulling out hair) to fax 3 pages on machine, and was now half climbing over counter to see what 2 of them were doing. I raised her my eyebrows as I left as if to say Wow your still here, good luck!
Im hoping the speed at which my fines are sent to me will be at a slower speed judging by the above performance!

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Diane J Standiford said...

Not my library, but everywhere else! Especially jobs I've had.