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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quiet, I agree.

See See Rider
Things have been quiet, i agree. I apologise for not being as faithful blogger as others might be. Events have happened. Don't get me wrong. I met a friend of mine for a coffee the other day, we haven't seen each other since I've started walking again. I talked and talked, even the table next to us lost interest in one another and opted to eavesdrop. Three hours later I asked my friend "so how you doing?". Those hours were filled with my stories of turning 21 and what happened on my mothers 50Th, my trip to Barcelona and the troubles i ran into, my new house and how it was fate we found each other, trying to set up my business - again! and the usual gossip about siblings, boyfriends, old workmates, and enemies. It sounds like a never ending tale i could have shared with all of you. I did want to, the countless times I would start writing and just stop mid sentence. 'what am I doing?' i thought 'people don't want to read about this, boring crap'. I know the truth is you probably do. The problem is these little juicy snippets of drama excite me only for so long until they are stored in my memory, the more they are extracted into speech they loose their colour. That is why as i sit here in my half packed up room, my days are filled with errands yet i myself strangely feel numb and dull. Like the weather. I feel no excitement nor any stress. This haze around me forces me to feel bored when i have plenty to be doing. I can't believe I am moving on Thursday, yet it has taken so long to come to this point! I simply don't know what to do with myself and i can't figure out why. .

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sirenity said...

Believe me I for one do definately want to hear your everyday news...

Sat frustratingly in limboland and just back to work after 9 months, I really want to hear how you are all doing and I tune in often to see your news.

For me it's the little every day things you all talk about that make me feel normal when I've done things like walking down the road yesterday carrying a toilet seat frame because I bought one at a charity shop because I'm fed up with waiting for a diagnosis to have someone give me something to stop me falling off the loo! Ho Hum!

Keep it up guys, you have no idea how many times in the last few months you have all kept me sane!