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Friday, October 19, 2007


I too have nothing profound to say, but very aware that I have not written here for awhile, so thought I would give you an update on my life at the moment:

M.S: My MS at the moment is behavouring itself, keeping it's nasty head down and out of my way. My left leg is a bit weak but after my last relapse it has always been weaker, so not to worried about it, I can stand, walk and do "normal" things still. So all good on that front.

Job: I am still employed, my temp contract has been extended for another month (was due to expire 22/12/07 now put as 29/01/08) OMG just realised how close we really are to 2008!!! I am still enjoying my work, and still hoping it will become perminante. The people there are great, the job is not exactly rocket science, but still I enjoy it.

Love Life: Tomorrow I am going out with someone, so will report back later on that one. We have known each other for a month now, but this is the first time it will be in a social capability. We met due to work, he works in the warehouse. He is 35 (older man!) and a great laugh.

Pets: My cat is asleep to my right, fast asleep. Asleep is a luxary that he did not allow to have the night before grrrrr. He is eating well, too much, he is actually eating way to much, he will eat till he is sick. three bowls of cat food (three cats in the house and he ate all the food), in one sitting.

Up Coming Events: Going to watch the rugby tomorrow and meet this new date. Get paid on Thursday (first pay check for about a year!), got a birthday dinner on Friday. Shopping on Saturday. Sunday still not clear. Halloween party on well Halloween, and another one in the pipe line. And loads of boring council meetings.

Conclusion: I am happy, I am settled.

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see see rider said...

well.. at least you're settled. Be thankful of that.