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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Naughty But Nice
We have all been quiet haven't we. Don't know if you're back Wednesday Addams but hope you had a nice holiday and I hope everyone else is ok.

Just a question for you all. Are you ready for Christmas? I realised the other day that we have hardly done a thing and there is less then 5 weeks to go arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh. I only realised it was so near when I realised it's 2 weeks to my birthday and I know Christmas is only a couple of weeks after that. We did order a couple of bits online yesterday but still got lots to do. But I'm not gonna stress about it, I've decided that what doesn't get done doesn't get done - tough!!!!!

Another thing, for those of us in wheelchairs. Do you find the shops harder to get around this time of year? Isn't it just so annoying that they fill the aisles with, what can only be described as crap (well most of it). It's like wheelchair users don't shop at Christmas do they?? God forbid!!!!! Right that is my little rant over.

Just in case I don't get to write here again before the big day I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Have a good time and don't eat/drink too much.


Candy Cane said...

I've been panicing for weeks... and yet i still havent dont anything about it, AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

Anonymous said...

Between wheelchairs and electric scooters that the store provides, the aisles are definitely hard to manage!

My answer to it: Shop late at night, early in morning or off peak is the only way I can do Christmas shopping.

I understand your rant!

Candy Cane said...

or even better, shop on the internet! that way you can buy your party dress and have energy left over to go out and wear it!