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Monday, November 26, 2007

So tired!

Candy Cane
Right, I've been trying to write this for a week but been sooooooooooo tiiiiiiiiiired!!

Well, my first MS Society big thing went really well. I had the Christmas party last week..... yes I know it was early but I've been organising none stop since last October, and I'm taking December and January off!

I stole Jooly's format from the 10th birthday party and had some music for some stand up fun, and wrote a quiz for some sit down fun... and a buffet .... cos I get hungry when I organise!

Everyone seemed to have a good time so I'm feeling very smug. although gutted I never had time to enjoy my own party, by the time I'd made sure everything was running smoothly, read out the quiz (god I was nervous, I hate public speaking... even if I am hilarious) and sorted the raffle out, I was exhausted so I went home lol.

And when I got home could I just flop into bed??? NO! I found 2 cats and a MASSIVE live toad on my doorstep. So here I am trying to get rid of this toad, I didn't want to open the door in case it jumped inside (it was right on the ledge) but I didn't want it jumping into the jaws of death either... but I couldn't just pick it up and take it somewhere like I would do with a mouse, cos 1. I had no idea where it came from 2. my hands were full (and I don't just mean a little bit full, I had a CD player, a bouquet of flowers, and a bag full of quiz papers and answer sheets) and 3. I was wearing 4 inch heels.

Anyway, my friend's husband got out the car to help and guided it away from the doorstep, and jumped like a girl when it jumped... like a toad, and all disasters were averted! Apart from that the poor toad was miles away from home because my lovely pussy cat thought it would make a nice present (well I do like green), cheers Bramble, I love you too xx (I know it was Bramble cos he brings live presents, where as Lily likes them dead, and often eats half... she's very selfish)

So... that's about as exciting as my life has been recently.... more posts to follow now I've started leaving the house again after my hibernation and mini depression, happens to us all eh??


Anonymous said...

When I venture into the stores (not often) my cane comes in handy to fend off aggressive shoppers and unruly kids.eBay and catalogues are a real help for those of us wobbly on our legs. I can just imagine how much worse it is for MSers in wheelchairs.

Funky Mango said...

Oh shopping in a wheelchair is much easier than on wobbly legs, just aim and go!

Candy Cane said...

you're commenting on the wrong post... :-( noone loves my toad

Naughty but Nice said...

I love toads Candy!!!!

Candy Cane said...

why thank you naughty but nice, and i wouldn't mind a pat on the back for my first ms soc event *fish's for compliments*

Naughty but Nice said...

You rock CC (Divvy Pats CC on the back!!!!)

Candy Cane said...

aw cheers naughty but nice xx lol