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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back in time

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We're going back, back in time...

Well, I went to physio today. Transport picks me up really early so usually I have a 30-45 minute wait. Today I spotted some 'new' magazines on the table so went in for the kill...

The cover said Home and Houses Magazine October 1985. Huh? I thought. Can't be true. It must be a spoof cover. Let's look inside. But it was all true!

For those of us who think that's not that long ago, it is 22 years ago!!!!!

Was funny reading about all the “new” gadgets of the day.

A new regnor car with - wait for it - windows that you don't have to wind up! You can push the button!

A tumble dryer that will dry your clothes 'like a gentle summers day'.

An oven with a fan that means you can open the door when cooking a soufle and it won't go down (essential, eh?).

I'm glad the craze for bright plastic bathrooms is over as well as the chinz look.

Anyway, beat that if you can!!


Naughty but Nice said...

Oh I bet that gave you a good giggle, imagine having a magazine that old still in a waiting room!!!!

Candy Cane said...

that old??? i'll have you know 1985 was the year i was born!