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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Christmas

Wednesday Addams
I promised to write and tell you all about my holiday in November, and I didn't...sorry!

So here's a quick update on what I've been up to, before I go away again.

  • the holiday in November was good - much partying, much alcohol, nice people. Excitingly, my ex was there - we had some Big Talks. He's currently seeing someone else but wants to finish with her, says he made a mistake finishing with me, yadda yadda. I've told him nothing's going to be happening while he's still with her, so if he wants to finish with her he's to get on with it. I'll be seeing him again at Christmas so he's supposed to be
    doing some hard thinking before then and I'm deciding whether I want him back anyway. Meanwhile I'm having my hair done and looking out low cut tops! I'll keep you updated, but he's a champion faffer so I suspect he won't have done anything about it.

  • My brother is getting married next July, to a woman from Vietnam. She's about my age, and has a teenage daughter. He didn't buy her on the internet ;-) He goes out there for work and met her at one of the companies he works with - she's an engineer. She's very nice, and has passed the ultimate test - my mother likes her too! They're going to have two ceremonies, one in Vietnam and one here. I don't think I'll be making it to Vietnam, but I'm looking forward to the ceremony in Portsmouth. Got to start thinking about presents!

  • I'm back at university which is tiring but good. I've presented a paper at a conference since going back, and submitted the chapter I was asked to write for a book. Quite the little high-flying academic I'm turning into! I'm also getting bits of consultancy to do from the faculty I'm studying with, which is cool. I was supposed to be doing some when I went off sick, so that's my Christmas holiday activity ("A review of policy and practice in end of life care" - fun, eh?)

  • MS-wise the news is kind of mixed. I'm much less fatigued than I was over the summer (not that that would be hard, I was sleeping about 20 hours out of every 24) but my mobility is getting worse and worse. I'm waiting to hear if I can start on Novantrone, which would hopefully slow down the progression. Interestingly though, it would turn my wee blue! (and thanks to Shop-Till-You-Drop for pointing out how this would save on Toilet Duck ;-)
Other than that, life just goes on really...I'm off on Saturday for two weeks, over Christmas and New Year, to one of the holiday centres I go to. Hope you all have a great Chrimbo and an excellent 2008!


Naughty but Nice said...

Good to hear from you Wednesday. Glad you had a good holiday and congrats to your brother. As for novantrone, if I remember from something someone told me, not only does it turn your wee blue but also can make the whites of your eyes blue as well, don't know how you'll explain that one lol.

Anyway just in case I don't get back before, I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year and that's to all who visit here.

Candy Cane said...

eat beetroot and see if it turns your wee purple

Candy Cane said...

eat beetroot and see if it turns your wee purple

Wednesday Addams said...

You can say that again, candy