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Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Post

Well as the title say's this is my very first post & well to be honest with you, I have absoloutly no idea what to say now I'm here.

Hmm (puts on thinking cap).

Well I guess I should tell you guys a little about myself:

I was Diagnosed with RRMS at the age of 25 in Sept 03 & have been on Rebif since Oct 03 & yeah am one of those people who just don't look sick... anybody out there know what someone with MS is supposed to look like??

Yeah!! life with MS is tough, the constant struggle with fatigue & all those other crappy things that come along but it doesn't mean that your life is over, not by a long shot! Ok things are a little tougher & things have got to planned more.

For me my MS diagnosis was kinda a wake up call. Telling me that I should do all those things that I had wanted to for so long... like travelling & going back to college.

Am gonna close for now but I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Brooke x


Julie Howell said...

Looking forward to finding out more!

Julie x

Smokey said...

Nice to meet you.

How are you getting on with Ribif?

Look forward to reading more from you.

Take care and all the best