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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Blog (take 2)

Candy Cane
This isn't the first entry I've written.... it's the second..... i asked jooly to remove the first one cos i wrote it under the influence of extreme mental fatigue and it was pants! Well fate has come round to bite me in the ass, as a week later I'm even more mentally fatigued and jooly has cracked her whip.... so you'll just all have to read the following nonsense

So I better follow everyone elses example an tell you about myself I'm 21, I was Diagnosed with MS on September 1st 2003, my parents silver wedding anniversary at the age of 18. I was forced to leave school not long after and have been unemployed ever since

Well thats my bit for today, I'll let you know what i DO get up to in the next few days, weeks or months (depending on when i next do something ;-) )

Kisses xx


Julie Howell said...

Am loving your avatar, Candy. There's something very sweet about the halo and the cigarette!

Smokey said...

How I write so much, erm ... I am good at rambling lol.

Loving your work, keep it up girl. Waiting with anticipation for your next entry

**tapping fingers** heehee