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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bridget Jones

Shop Till You Drop
Hello everyone! My first post has taken me rather longer than expected as it seems quite technical all this stuff. Just more my brain than PC.
Note to self should have read Smokey's post on not forgetting password before trying to do this!

Just been having a lazy evening watching Bridget Jones Diary on TV, thought it was quite ironic really as starting this blog. Though if Ms Jones did get MS her diary might look more like;

Times bumped, slipped, fallen... 5
Times ruined nice top by tipping coffee down... 3
Times thought this looks ridiculous but doing it this way is easier... 22
Times gone into room and thought what was I doing?... 4

Sadly no nice Mr Darcy at present, aren't those supermarket aisles with all those frozen meals for one supposed to be single pick up points??? I've yet to have any success! Must dash for now hetic partying night ahead (Me and fluffy PJs on sofa with Horlicks).


Julie Howell said...

That's hilarious!! ;-)

Smokey said...

That was fantastic. Please don't forget your password as looking forward to reading more from you


P.S. Number of tops stained due to coffee today, 3 (one was my brothers t-shirt, so don't him)

Funky Mango said...

No ambition, that's your's much more fun spilling hot chocolate down your nice top ;-)