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Monday, May 21, 2007

Health and Safety

Hellooo, My rant today is about the seemingly crazy world of health and safety that disabled bods can sometimes find ourselves in. Had my physio appointment today, for which they provide transport to pick me up. For which I am of course suitably grateful. However, as I use a wheelchair I'm required to be strapped in using five separate points. Yes that's FIVE. Truly, if we ever got out of 2nd gear and picked up speed and went upside down I would be in no danger of going anywhere.

After getting strapped in by 4 separate belts to the floor, which are then tightened to within an inch of their lives (so much so my tryes actually depress to the floor with the pressure) I get your average three point seat belt as well. Then the driver gets in and DOESN'T put on his seat belt, and the escort who sits with her seat facing the rest of the bus DOESN'T put one on either! How stupid is that?!! If we have any sort of accident she's going end up all over the passengers anyway!

Think this rule thing also goes for other areas. When I moved into my flat it already had a wheel-in shower, which is great. But under Health and Safety (so the plumber told me) my shower was only allowed to be at a max of 40 c. Please note that I don't live in a care home/hospital etc. but a private home.

And I did dislike very much some rule or other being applied to me when I didn't need it. I tried arguing to the plumber that I found the shower too cold and would like the option of being able to heat it up if needed. (Like all other people in the rest of flats can do). But No... However I sorted this out after a few weeks by taking it apart and fiddling with the controls with a screwdriver LOL! Made me wonder where such rules are made up, and how sometimes as a disabled person we have our freedom on certain issues taken out of our hands under the pretence of Health and Safety. You ARE disabled you must take a COLD shower for the rest of your life!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Some people would pay good money to be strapped up like that hee!hee! Sorry couldn't resist that one!!!!!!!

As for the shower what a ridiculous rule, I'd never heard that one before. Good for you sorting it yourself.

shop-till-you-drop said...

Thanks divvy I do try and be handy around the house, I popped into neighbours flat and noticed they dont have the bulky heater covers like I do. So at least they can hang things over theirs to dry. Maybe its to stop me from touching the radiator!!

Funny as all plugs here are placed under the counter so if you tip something it runs off edge directly into plug socked now that is safe!

Anonymous said...

That's shocking!!! ;-)

Candy Cane said...

what a load of chucking funts