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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Shop til you drop!

Went out today, to get a birthday present for a friend. What can you buy someone who's got a house full of stuff and lives on eBay?
Anyway after much searching I saw some lovely glass candles, with rows of beads and buttons around the bottom. Great I think, its a nice gift, gift once you have used it its gone! It wouldn't clutter up your cupboards for years to come.
So carefully I balance it on lap and go to pay for it. Lady wraps it up in bubble wrap and we bump bump all the way home in my electric power chair. Make it all the way home reach up to get the mail out of my mail box and guess what happens.. yes you've guessed it I DROPPED IT!!!
So its true you can shop, till you drop it, looks like I be going out again on Monday to get another one then.

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