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Monday, May 14, 2007

One society

Shop Till You Drop
Had a really positive shopping experience today, when I was out and about not thinking of anything in particular and kept seeing lots of people with different disabilities.

*Women in scooter (crazy lady going really fast!)
*People with walking sticks/crutches
*Man who was blind using white stick
*Lady with a push along 3 wheeled walking frame
*Manual wheelchair user

Just good sometimes when you're out to see other people that live in the same area with different problems just getting on with the everyday stuff. No one was staring, no big deal. I only went around a few local shops. Just made me think that you should be able to see disabled people everyday as part of an inclusive society. Anyway, made my day :-)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about others going about their daily life without a care in the world (and then you've got "able bodied" people who whinge about anything and everything!!!

Our local shopping centre is the Bluewater one and we are there alot and you see loads of other wheelies, people with sticks, walkers, crutches etc and it does make you feel as if you are a member of some private exclusive club.

Candy Cane said...

lol it sooooooooo does divvy... i always want to ask people if they have MS

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean CC. I see a person and you just know by the way they are walking or acting that they have MS but you can't just go up to a complete stranger and blurt it out, especially if they are in denial!!!!!!!!