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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A whingy one

Well here I am with my second entry (and hopefully not my last) but I am sure that this entry will probably upset some people (sorry in advance if it does.)

I live in a very small cul-de-sac and live in the second house in from the main entrance. There is a school situated on the other side of the main road that our close leads off of, about a five minute walk. Now why would this bother me,you ask, being that distance away, well it's not the school but rather the mother/fathers on the school run. Yes THAT problem.

I am sorry and I haven't children of my own so do not have the problem of getting them to school BUT why do they have to park right outside my living room window. There is a new housing estate next to the school but they can not park there and have obviously received tickets or been clamped doing so. So they have decided to park here instead, even though it is clearly marked 'no parking' here too. They even have the cheek to park in resident's parking spaces or right under the no parking sign.

This can cause me numerous problems if trying to get out in my wheelchair or I come home from somewhere and one of them is parked in my space (which I need as I have the space to get the wheelchair down the side of the car easily). If the council would get their act together and come and replace my lockable post (which was incidently knocked down by one of their contractors) then this wouldn't be a problem. As well as this we have to put up with some of them looking straight in our window, screaming kids, or even better them screaming at their kids.

I have made numerous complaints to the council who's signs they are, but they say there isn't much they can do, how about contacting the school so they can send a note home to all the mums/dads or better still come around and give them tickets or clamp them here. gggggggggggrrrrrrrr

Sorry rant over and I suppose this is as much a moan about how useless the council is (aren't they all). Thanx for reading lol


mdmhvonpa said...

Probably not a really PC suggestion, but you could leave a note explaining to them that civilization requires civilized behavior. Failing that, camp out on the hood (bonnet?) of their car with a picnic. I'm rotten that way, but can get away with it being a larger person and all.

Smokey said...

My suggestion is to get a paintball gun, and whenever one is parked infront of your window pelt it.

Phone the council daily, write to them weekly. Threaten to contact the local press within a month if the matter is not sorted or being sorted. Then write to them if they don't.

Be a pain in the ass girl ! I know you can do it !

Love ya all

Candy Cane said...

bah humbug

Naughty but Nice said...

I like the paintball idea although I think I'd probably be getting a few summonses through the post if I damaged their precious cars!!!!

My other half went out one day to tell someone they couldn't park there (they were half way across our entrance) and they said WHY?? He said well apart from the sign saying no parking you are blocking a wheelchairs exit/entrance, and the bloke still had the cheek to look at him as if he'd spoken in Japanese, he did move though (lucky for him as he might have found something wrong with his car when he came back lol)