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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well I survived the Glastonbury weekend!!! Might be something to do with the fact that we were seated in the comfort of our own home watching and taping it all (thank God for Sky+). The last part has just been recorded and in total it filled 20 DVDs!!!! It was great and my only gripe is that I wasn't there but I don't think my wheelchair would get on to well with the mud. I did get to do a muddy glastonbury in my dark and distant past, and must admit that I didn't enjoy the mud. That was our festival year when we did 3 weekend festivals in 4 weeks (one of them being in Scotland) and then a little break before the 4th one. That was a tiring but very exciting summer.

Nowadays it's just indoor, mud free gigs for me, but there's still the thrill of seeing one of your faves up there singing their little hearts out just for you (or so it feels anyway).

So what will I do now all of Glasto has been viewed. I will look forward to T in the park next weekend!!! yay!!!!!!!!!! (And I don't have to do the long drive to Scotland this time - double yay!!!!!!)


Naughty but Nice said...

Ooops just realised I didn't put a subject for this entry - sorry!!!!!!

Candy Cane said...

its ok jooly in the sky with diamonds will fix it

Anonymous said...


Just found this blog at J.J

Read a few stories and Liking it , you girls are real people :-)

Does this make me blogger type person now ? ;-)


Jim a.k.a 007

Julie Howell said...

I thought the BBC coverage was excellent. So much better than being there (who wants trench foot?).

I last went to a 'festival' in 1989 (Reading Rock Festival) and I didn't camp. I can think of nothing worse than camping at a festival. I have only ever camped in a friend's back garden as a teen and that wasn't without it's hazards (I told her I fancied her brother, not realising we were camped below his bedroom and the window was open).

Julie Howell said...

LOL 007, no, it does not make you a blogger! It makes you someone who reads and comments on blogs (which is every bit as good!!).

Naughty but Nice said...

Thanx for sorting out a heading Julie. Oh you don't know what you have missed not having camped at a festival. In 1997 we camped at Glastonbury, Phoenix (which doesn't exist now), T in the Park and went to V but didn't camp as it was near enough to come home from. Now the toilets, that's another matter not worth discussing lol

Welcome Jim, glad you are enjoying reading this blog.

Candy Cane said...

camping i can deal with... porter-loos NO WAY!
between wobbly legs and a bladder that will only work when i'm in 'prone' position i can't do the 'hover' anymore.
if i have a choice of sitting in other peoples wee wee and watching glastonbury in bed i know which one i would go for! i had my camping days when i was a girl guide, they were good fun but best left in my teenage years i think!