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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Joining Candy Cane

Naughty But Nice
I am having a rough time MS wise at the moment and I am slowly reaching the end of my tether.

Just wanted to let you know I am officially joining Candy in grumpsville, so move over Countess grumpy Bum and make room for me (unless you are no longer grumpy, then vacate the premises!!)

Thank You.


josiegee said...

I have MS and have known it for about ten years. I've started just stareing at anything but not seeing or thinking or trying not to think. I'm getting worse and I can't get my doctors to understand so they give me more med's. I'm taking at least 20 diffrent med's plus the rebif shot. My family and friends don't want to know how I feel or what I'm thinking. I know talking about things helps. But i guess it helps me and not them. Don't know what to do or where to go. Got any idea's for me.

Naughty but Nice said...

Josie you may find help, support and comfort in the chat room at Jooly's Joint.

Candy Cane said...

Hey Josie
I dont want to sound all 'Jeramy Kyle' but joolys joint chatroom really did help me 'find myself' again. Being with people who ALL understand life with MS takes the pressure away from constantly having to explain yourself, or fighting for the smallest piece of understanding. If you would prefere to hold back for a while, keep reading the blog, you can laugh, cry, shout and scream with us. I've made some really good friends in JJs, alot of the people on this blog (although they're anonymous ;-) ) are all people who i've met in person, text all day and speak to on the phone at the weekends. JJs really is fandabbydosey, stick with us girl and you'll be reet

Funky Mango said...

*falls over

Definitely agree Josie - come in and have a chat in Jooly's Joint. We know how you feel, and how it helps to talk, and we're there for you.

Naughty but Nice said...

I'm not in grumpsville no more as happy pills (roids) doing their job, sort of!!! Don't know if Candy Cane is still there but there is room now if anyone needs to visit.

Josie hope you managed to visit the JJs chatroom, I know a chatroom isn't everyone's cup of tea but the room really does help to just chat to people who understand what you are going through!!!