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Friday, September 7, 2007

Never joke

Smokey A lesson I have learnt today, and it is only ten to ten in the morning and I have been up two hours, is to never joke about anything, it will only come back and bite you in the butt. It has a habit of turning into Chinese whispers and someone is bound to take it seriously, then ring you up and rant at you.

Let me take you back to the beginning, where and when I first made a jokey comment. A few months ago I went into my local pub, my leg was a bit wobbly and one of the locals asked what was wrong, so I explained, that I have MS. Then I said as my ex had MS first I think I caught it from using the same toilet seat, everyone around seemed to see it as a joke, they laughed, and I did even go on to explain that I had the symptoms I have now that is being put down to MS since I was young so it's not really that. Not that hard to understand really is it.

That as far as I was concern was the end of it.

Then this morning I receive a phone call from someone who lives abut 15-20 miles away, ranting about the fact that her mother has MS and heard at a local day centre (that I didn't know exists and now wouldn't go to) that I have been going around spreading rumors about the fact that MS can be caught of toilet seats. No matter how many times I said I was joking, explained my story, told her I was joking again and again, explained that I told everyone at the time I was joking, she was not listening. I then went on to enquire how she got my number, which just got me confused, as she got it off someone I never heard off before.

For those of you who don't know, an ex of mine has MS, he wad diagnosed in 1998 and we got together in 2003, I got my diagnoses for MS in August 2004. Which is why I have joked in the past, but never again, about me "catching" MS off my ex and it must be from the toilet seat as that was once rumored to be the case. Really I am taking the piss out of the person/people who wrote that in the newspaper many years ago. I KNOW IT IS NOT THE CASE G-DDAMMIT!!!

So that's my lesson of the day. Don't joke. Don't try and be light humored. It just causes you stress later on in the day.

Sorry about my rambling rant, I hope it makes sense, and if not please ask and I will try to explain better.

(After re-reading and pacifying it a bit more, I think it is safe to publish. Sorry about any spelling mistakes I missed)


Naughty but Nice said...

I can not believe that someone would be so stupid as to think you were being serious and then to have a go at you even after you've explained it was a joke!!! God, some people.......

And to get your number off someone who you don't even know, now that would worry me!!!

Candy Cane said...

hey sweetheart, dont let anyone change you. if you're funny, make jokes! you should have just hung up on the mad bint
seriously, dont change, you're great the way you are.

Smokey said...

aww thank you so much Candy Cane. I would have hung up if I didn't want to get information on how the hell The Idiot got my number.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about jokes. I went to my therapy centre on my scooter I can't walk.Made appointment with physio and said great gonna work to do marathon next year.Poor woman got into panic she thought I expected miracle.Glad she didn't perform miracle I was never big on running.Keep on with jokes. Linda T