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Monday, September 10, 2007

Spot the wedding

See See Rider Hi all! Brooke, good to see you. Wednesday, you really are superwoman!

In my last post I was all exited about walking again, I had forgotten how tall I was and so did everyone else. I was also exited about a wedding i was going to, it had always been my 'finish line'.

It was a big wedding, lots of money spent (very gaudy outcome, I have to say ) and i was NOT about to hobble or wheel myself. As I said in my earlier post, high heels were on the menu.

A week before the wedding, the dress i made specially for the occasion was ready and stunning. A few days before the wedding, I was ready and stunning too... or so I thought.

Thursday night (wedding on Saturday ) my right cheek has a red painful swelling. A bite? a Sting? NO! A SPOT! A humongous red spot boiling underneath my skin!

I never get spots on my cheeks, if anything my cheeks have been my only facial pride and joy, soft and smooth.

I panicked, What do I do? Whadoaydoooo?? I need to do something, I thought, I can't turn up like this!

So I went out, and for the first time since i was 13, I bought some spot cream!

Reduces redness and swelling in just 4 hours! it read.

I slapped a load on, covered half my cheek with the stuff.

Four hours later, nothing changed, so i put some more on! Every couple of hours I was smothering myself in it, the stuff was so toxic the fumes were making me dizzy. This has to be doing something, I thought, something this potent can't not be magically removing the beast!

Now here is where i learn my lesson... It did make a difference, a massive difference, the stuff was so strong and i smothered so much of it on my face. It left a chemical burn the size of a 10p coin. A deep dark angry red scab with edges like a volcano had just erupted.

It was Saturday morning already. The scab was thick, concealer was not even close to covering it up. So as a last attempt, and here is my second lesson learnt, i picked the scab open. Now it was a meteor that hit earth causing a fire, a flood, and lava to spill out of the huge crater. Yes girls, it was sticky and ugly, you can only imagine how the wedding went for me.

I hope this gives you nightmares!!

PS: Spot cream is an alien invasion in a bottle, designed to dissolve you alive when used.


Candy Cane said...

LOL sorry ishouldn't laugh at your misfortune... it's the way you tell 'em, honest!

so how were the dress and the heels?

Smokey said...

You are such a great blogger, telling a dramatic even in such a humorous way. I am sorry about the spot/scab/volcanio. But at least you had a beautiful dress and were walking (and in heels)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you were won't you)

"always look on the bright side of life" comment just thrown at me from person peering over sholder (how rude of em) "or just carry a tourch"

Anyway I am sorry to hear about it and I have taken heed of your warnings and will try something else if such an occasion occurs.


Brooke_ 07 said...

LOL I shouldn't really laugh but that sure was funny.

see see rider said...

Yeah, dress held up surprisingly, heels were certainly used to the minimum, and hair do was done to frame bullet hole on cheek.. seriously, my fringe covered the wrong side!

Candy Cane said...

tit tape always holds a dress up