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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Prince took over my life!!

Hi all, I'm finally here to post a new blog instead of leaving quick comments. Life has been kinda upside down since the beginning of August and it's all because of Prince (the little purple funkster!!!).

As most people know he has played 21 nights in London and we went a total of 5 times!! (Yes we are mad lol). Now I know he's not everyone's cup of tea (no nasty comments here please Candy Cane lol), but I have to say he was absolutely fantastic. We have waited 5 years for his return (last time we saw him was in 2002 at Hammersmith) and he was well worth the wait. I have to say that he was the best we have ever seen him (and we've seen him a lot!!!) It's a little depressing that he has finished his tour but to be perfectly honest I don't think I could manage much more as it has completely knackered me out!!!

We were sensible and spaced the dates out (1st, 14th, 31st Aug and 6th, 21st September) and I'm glad we did as it was taking me longer and longer to get over the night. I still feel completely drained from Friday's show (which was phenomenal as it was the last night.) Sky news broadcast the first half hour live, but if anyone saw that do not take it as an indication of what he was like as it was a piss poor recording!!! ggrrrrrrr!!!!

Anyway now we can get back to some form of normality and get on with the things that we need to sort.

One of those things is the parking where we live. When I was moved here one of the stipulations my OT made was that there had to be parking. Well there is sort of. No one has a specified space but we were told that we could take any space that was free and just put a padlock on the post when not there so no one else could park in it. Well this worked fine until the post got knocked down about 2 years ago!!!! We have been trying to get it sorted since then. I've now been told that all the posts are being replaced (as most are missing) and that one space will be specifically reserved for me. Now I was told this weeks ago and, yes you've guessed it, nothing has been done and the last couple of weeks we have had some problems with people parking in there or across it so I can't get in it, (most of the neighbours are good as gold as they know we park there but one of the girls has got herself a pig ignorant boyfriend who has an equally ignorant son!!). So guess what my next few days are gonna be spent doing.

Anyway better go before I bore you all to tears ;o)


see see rider said...


Candy Cane said...

sorry... he just makes me wanna puke!

Smokey said...

I a with Candy Cane on this one. Although his performance at the superbowl was pretty good. There is something really creapy about him.

Glad you have had fun, but sorry to hear that you are still in recovering

Naughty but Nice said...

I am back to normal now just took a few days - oh see see you missed a good one this tour - he was fantastic, 100 times better then his superbowel performance!!!!

As for you 2 he is not creapy at all!!! Obviously not a hunk but he is awfully sexy, and he must have something about him with all the woman he's had!!!!!

Smokey said...

and all the men

Naughty but Nice said...

Prince is strictly a ladies man I can assure you of that!!!!

Julie Howell said...

He's sexy!

I saw him on the 16th. It was good - not brilliant, but it was a Sunday and I was really far away from the stage. Plus I like ROCK so it was a bit out of my range. But I agree with Naughty, he's het and he's sex on a stick (as I think Kylie once said).