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Monday, September 10, 2007


Wednesday Addams How to be Superwoman

It can be frustrating having MS. Hey, don't beat around the bush is frustrating having MS. One of the things I find worst is seeing my friends (or former friends, in some cases) running around, living normal lives, complaining about how busy and tired they are, with absolutely no idea of how bl**dy lucky they are...

Having MS doesn't mean your life ends though. You just have to rearrange your priorities a bit. Far and away the most disabling thing of all this for me is fatigue. So I've learned that if I have something coming up - particularly something important, a party or a night out - I have to clear the day before as much as possible so I can rest. At first I felt guilty about resting. Bad Wednesday, don't feel guilty - you have a major chronic illness, and are doing what you can to live with it.

I'm a full-time university student. Starting that was a big step - I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to do it, physically. I've had to take some time off sick (every so often my body says woaahhhhh!) and I'm lucky that my university is amazingly supportive...but you know what? I'm doing it! I have to be careful not to get over-tired, but I've managed to finish the first year and I believe that I'll finish the whole degree.

Living with MS is a juggling act. We have all the balls in the air - family, work, studies, social life, health. It's just a bit harder for us to keep them all there than it is for Ms Normal. But hey, who wants to be normal anyway? ;-)


Smokey said...

Being normal is so over rated, and the worse thing that could happen to me is being normal lol

I am so proud of you, with regards of your studies and your always seemingly happy positive outlook.

So tell me girl ... What is this thing called social life? Only joking I am learning what it is, I am getting mine back wahoooo (pss don't tell anyone but I went on a date on Saturday, took Sunday off life to recover, but shhh)

Candy Cane said...

wahoo smokey has a date... tell us, tell us!!!!

Smokey said...

He's 22 years old, an inch shorter than me. Is in the Airforce (again I know, **bangs head**) and is really really sweet.

Naughty but Nice said...

Woohoo Smokey - way to go!!!!! Hope there's more dates to come, and don't worry I'll keep stum about it (although posting it on a public forum probbly wasn't the best way to keep it quiet lol).

Keep up the good work Wednesday, I am so proud of you. I couldn't even keep up with a full time job no mind full time studies (or any kind of studies for that matter!!)

And you are right Smokey, who wants to be normal, it's sooooo boring (don't think I've ever been normal. lol)