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Thursday, September 6, 2007

MRIs are boring

Candy Cane Not much else to say, i just felt i should post because i havent in a while... been enjoying myself in sunny spain. Is it wrong that i caught up with what my friends had been up to for 2 weeks by checking my blog?? big yey for see see rider for getting p*ssed and hoorah for shop-till-you-drop for kicking carer ass!

I've been for an MRI scan this morning cos the prof just wanted to check whats going on inside my head (yeah, not alot i hear you all chorus) after my last appointment when i told him i wanted fixed. Hopefully it'll give him more info on what treatment will suit me best and what i need to do to pull me out this hole.

I think I'm gonna get my theory test done this autumn and do my driving test after christmas.... i say i think cos i'm just not sure whether i want to keep putting myself through all the heartache and disappointment. i know i have to do it..... i just cant be arsed! 2 years, 2 failed tests, 5 cancelled tests, 4 due to ill health, 1 due to a family tradgedy. Maybe it's just not meant to be! ach well nevermind, i'll write soon xx

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Naughty but Nice said...

Hey join the club CC I haven't posted in ages either!!! Don't get disheartened about the driving you will get there one day I am sure, it's not your fault that you have had so many tests cancelled!!!!