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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Curse having a blessing attached

I stated in my last entry that MS is both a blessing and a curse, and at the moment I consider it a curse. But as with every situation there is a silver lining.

Apparently my irregular, painful and energy draining periods, are MS related. Not that I have them is MS related, I have them because I am female, but the fact that they are often and unusual is MS according to my neurologist. During the few days I am "on" I lack energy and my appalling balance gets far worse.

But this week it has given me the perfect excuse to refrain from seeing a particular person. I was invited to dinner, which I absolute despise attending. She means well, do not get me wrong, but she lacks common sense and never shuts up. Her tales of the world are pure boredom when they are first shared, when you hear them for the hundredth time they are suicidally boring.
She goes away for a couple of weeks tomorrow (Monday), by the time she gets back I will have more energy, I hope, to cope with her.

Thank you Funky Mango and Candy Cane for the hugs, I really did appreciate and need them. I am coming back on form, and body is returning to normal, whatever that may mean.

I had a AGM to attend this morning at 10am, when I turned up at 11am did I then remember the little fact that the clocks go forward. Once again a silver lining as I missed a majority of a very boring meeting that I was expected to attend. Sometime MS can be a blessing see

Have a great week and even better health

Hugs to all

Smokey xxx


Funky Mango said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better Smokey. You might be interested in this research which found that aspirin relieved menstrual symptoms in a lot of women with MS. I'm not suggesting you do it, I'm not a doctor or anything and there are a lot of contraindications to aspirin...might be worth mentioning to your doctor though.

All the best,

FM x

Candy Cane said...

hey smokey smokey
I used to need 2 or 3 days off school for every period between from 14 onwards. My mum sometimes just couldn't wake me up, and if she did i spoke gobbledegook.... Nevermind the pain and nausea! Fast forward a few more years to the MS diagnosis and it all made sense! Bloody periods!

scottie said...

WooHooo,not that I am cheering with joy in any shape or form. I am so glad in a perverse kinda way that I am not alone in this awful feeling during that'special' womanly time of month.As I type this I am feeling more washed out than a domestics cloth and feel like my body is being used in some voodoo ritual..Pins everywhere.Thanks for the interesting article Funky.Mmmm now wondering if a hysterectomy would solve my problems ;-)Scottie aka someone else known o you three I'm sure Tee Hee