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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Somebody stop me!

Candy Cane
Will somebody please sit on me! I'm SO tired and i just can't stop doing things. every week i look at the nice empty pages of the following week..... but slowly they keep filling up! I'm not going looking for these arrangements they just keep finding me. Next week I've ended up with a bikini wax, a dentist appointment, a meal with a friend who's returning home to Sweden for a few weeks AND a meeting with a graphic designer... nevermind though, there's always next week


Candy Cane said...

thats's the nice empty pages of the following week in my diary.... at least i know what i'm on about!

Smokey said...

Was just wondering if you were free ... ...

Just remember to scream NOOOOOOOO

Oh and stop filling up your week, remember you are the only one who will suffer !!!

Have a good week and enjoy yourself

Funky Mango said...

*sits on candy, rips pages out of diary so candy won't remember what she's supposed to be doing*

Candy Cane said...

i cant help it smokey, stuff has gotta be done!! physio, dentist, doctor.... shopping! they're things i just can't avoid!