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Monday, March 26, 2007

Get posting

Candy Cane
Hi everyone
It hasn't gone unnoticed by me and smokey smokey that we only have 1 regular commenter... the delightful funky Mango. Please join in, we have found this whole experience quite daunting and would love to get some more feedback from everyone, especially other young women with MS.... And young men!!! (we would all LOVE young men) . We're writing this blog WITH you, not FOR you.. come on, its a chance to make some friends
love ya's xxxxxxxxxx


Smokey said...

I fear you have double vision "Smokey Smokey", you only need to say it once.

I agree totally with your entry. Funky Mango is great, brilliant hugger, but we need more otherwise we will die of starvation !!!

You go girl !!!!!! (Don't go, stay and write, but tell it how it is)

Candy Cane said...

smokey smokey smokerson

Divvy said...

Well I've done what you commanded!!! I must admit the only reason I hadn't commented before is because I couldn't be arsed to sign up to google and get myself an identity, but now I have, as you can see, and even though I can't really be considered as a YOUNG woman with M.S. (yes I'm afraid I'm female, no young male here lol), I will continue to read, enjoy and comment as much as I can!!!

Smokey said...

Candy Cane you vision has gotton worser !!! You now have triple blurred vision !!! I'd see someone about that I would.

Candy Cane said...

blurred vision is a symptom of MS smokey smokey smoker smokerson

(well done divvy, didnt realise you had to sign up, but now you have i expect full participtaion)

Smokey said...

LMFAO Candy Cane. I will let you off then as it could be an MS Symptom, just remember just because you have MS doesn't mean you are immune to everything else