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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday afternoons

Shop Till You Drop
Hello all,

Don't you just love Sunday afternoons... sitting on the sofa with the papers. One flick, and they all end up in bits all over the floor with no hope of ever being put back together again.

There I was, sitting all absorbed, when I suddenly realised that I had been reading one of those little magazines they tuck inside. You know the ones. I think they are designed especially for the over 50s. And it was only when I was halfway through and considering that the raincoat with a hood was a very good idea that I had to wake up and go "NOOOOOOO!"

I have to admit that some of their little gadgets are very good and might indeed come in very useful. But I think they need to work on their presentation. Although we could all do with something to keep our feet warm indoors, how about something to keep you dry in a wheelchair, or to keep your walking stick from falling over?

I have yet to find a company that does anything like this that still looks good!

We usually end up cold and wet, covered in a tartan blanket or in a blue furry Eskimo outfit.

Until people realise that I might need equipment but still care about how it looks, I will have to hold off on the shopping spree.

I'd better hide magazine now in case someone thinks I'm hinting for a birthday pressie or something! Though I will keep it, just in case it may come in handy one day...


Funky Mango said...

You think you've got problems...wait till you start getting Damart catalogues through the post! I wish they'd put them in plain brown envelopes... :-|

Candy Cane said...

wow, my brother must shop at damart too FM.....