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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

World gone mad

The World has gone mad

In my local parish the council are planning on building yet another eyesore in the village Which myself and a group of people oppose.

We have made our feelings heard in the monthly Parish Council meetings and local papers and radio station. We have contacted the Council and other people involved and those not involved but who should be. We have sent out flyers and demanded a public meeting so it cannot go unnoticed and "slide" in like they were hoping. Because of the information we obtained we were able to make a strong case against such building.

Why I am sharing this with you? For two reasons, one of which I managed to argue for disabled access for the local park and advised them on where to get grants and funding. The second reason is because it has provided me with many laughs today, and I want to share with you what made me laugh.

The Parish Council, during their last meeting, in the "private sitting" once the public time is over, voted to NOT talk with me or anyone involved with me in any ways. Cutting of many ties to information that has been keeping me and my friends updated on events. I cannot wait for the minutes to be published! How the heck can they silence people, order them not to talk to us. Oh I should add the vote was to not to talk to us at all, about anything. So they can't even say hello as they pass us in the street. How stupid is this? What are they so scared off?

I admit I wind people up, got them behind me, and rightly I suppose they have come to the conclusion that I am the ring leader. So can they seriously be scared of our group and what we can do? The person they have marked as the ring leader is in their early 20s and usually ignored due to walking with a stick, the whole "shes too young, and she is disabled what does she know?" attitude.

We started off as a group of four, now we have a group of fifty two, that meet up every week to discuss anything new that might have been discovered or dug up.

They must know that they cannot, nor will not, silence us. We have other ways of getting information, the county council, and other people involved. The whole thing is ludicrous.

I am laughing so much as I am writing this, that I feel the need to apologise for any spelling mistakes and typos that may have slipped past me unnoticed. I apologise also if you do not find it as funny as I do, perhaps it is something, you have to be here to get it.

Have a great week and good health


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