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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hi All,
Been ages what with one thing and another, sort of been a little in hibernation, consequently house in bit of a mess. However I'm jolted into abit of housekeeping as my Mum is visiting tomorrow. So suddenly everything looks kind of bad. So thought I would at least sort out my fridge. Didn't realise how bad it was till I saw through my mothers eyes:

Non food items: 90% of fridge
HP sauce
Marmite (empty jar)
Half used maramalade with lots of crumbs in
Ice Pack
Maple syrup
Jar of pickled onions (1 left)

Food items: non edible 10%
1 Pint milk- out of date 1 week
1 Pint milk- out of date 2 days
4 Eggs- out of date- got to be ages!

Food items:
Ewk not very exciting eh? What can I make with flora?

Note to self fridge is for FOOD! I'm sure you all have far better housekeeping routines than me.


Wednesday Addams said...

Drink the beer, then you won't care what mum thinks ;-)

Smokey said...

flora on the pickle egg covered in maple syrup and washed down with some beer

Smokey said...

Wednesday Addams, I have been drunk many a times and still cared what me mom thinks lol

Naughty but Nice said...

oh my mum is used to us by now - she often comes to visit and when she leave the grill, microwave and fridge all look a lot better for her visit lol

Julie Howell said...

Pickled onion?! Gross! The rest doesn't sound too bad. ;-)

Candy Cane said...

nevermind what was in it, how did it smell?

see see rider said...

Why don't you put everything in a bowl and mix it up.. you might be inventing something!

Naughty but Nice said...

Probably something toxic see see lol