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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

Wednesday Addams
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well, it arrived at 8am, up to page 287 so far - disappointly slow progress but I have had two sleeps in there! Only complaint so far is not enough Rickman action ;-)

...and no, don't worry if you haven't read that far yet...I promise not to reveal the story!


Naughty but Nice said...

oh glad u got it on time - you'll be finished that in a couple of days lol

Wednesday Addams said...

Finished it this morning!

Naughty but Nice said...

Was it everything you expected or bit of a dissappointment (please tell without giving too much away though - mind you by the time I get around to reading it I will probably have heard the ending lol

Wednesday Addams said...

Yes, I enjoyed it...she ties up all the loose ends as far as I can work out. Anyone who's reading it though (and without giving the story away) please keep an eye open and remind does Draco get the wand?

Smokey said...

He casts the spell thingy that disarms wizards on Dumbledor when Harry brings him back after getting the false horcrux. Harry manages to get the wand back and gives it back to headmaster.

I finished the book too, it was brilliant, what you thought you knew you didn't and what you didn't you did. Fantastic writer !

Wednesday Addams said...

Thanks Smokey :-)