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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm still here

Naughty But Nice
Hey all, I decided yesterday that I would add another blog as I haven't written anything for ages, only to find I didn't know (or had forgotten) how to do a new blog - duh!!!! After a chat with Julie I have now made my way here (cheers Julie)

So what have I been up to? Nothing as MS has been playing up. My legs were getting weaker and weaker over the last 5 weeks and I had to give in and ask for some steroids (last lot I had was back in 2004), they are like my miracle pills as they get me back to 'normal' at an alarming speed, but I try not to have them too often as I know they loose their effectiveness if taken too much.

I'm ok when on them too, just get a bit manic and suffer what I call roid rage. Honestly I'm like the biggest bitch that ever lived, although I try not to take it out on the other half (well he has to help me with so much I daren't upset him lol). He took me around the shops a couple of days after I'd finished the roids and I nearly killed a kid for standing next to me with a snotty nose looking me up and down!!! I tell you if looks could kill I'd be in prison now lol

So roids finished and now it transpires I have some kind of UTI. What a pallaver it's been trying to get anti-biotics. I dropped a sample off at the surgery for the nurse to check and they said ring back later that day, which I did, and she said I definately have some kind of infection but she needed to send it to the lab to find out exactly what prescription I needed. So thats 2 days wait for those results and when I rang I was told it wasn't tested as they had insufficient patient details - errr excuse me whats that all about - someone obviously made a cock up at the surgery and didn't fill the form in properly. Anyway I was told to take another sample in. I wasn't happy as that would be another 2 day wait with the weekend in between!!!!!! I asked to speak to someone and one of the nurses rang me back and said she would give me the normal anti-b's that they give for UTIs to tide me over til the results come back. So she gives me 6 pills!!!!!!!!! Enough to take me to Monday and hope the results come back Monday or Tuesday so I can start a proper course of pills - honestly!!!!!!!

I need to get fully fit as I am off to see Prince in just under 2 weeks and I am not missing that for anything. We have waited soooooo long for him to come back to the UK and this will probably be the last time (well he is nearly 50 with a dodgy hip so he won't be able to do all the jumping and dancing around that he normally does!!!) I am seeing him 3 times in August (the other half is going in September too with his mum cheeky beggar lol).

Well thats about all my news. I did think of some interesting things to post on here but I can't remember what they were now lol

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