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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Care companies

Wednesday Addams
I hate care companies.

Care companies are rapidly taking over from my brother Pugsley as the main target of my hatred - the company that comes to me, anyway.

I was supposed to have a carer at 9 this morning. Breakfast, a shower, make my bed. Too much to ask? It would seem so, yes. Too much information I know, but I have my period. I got out of bed about 7 and went back to sleep on the sofa, woke up again at 12.30 (I do these things, I have MS). No carer, blood stain all over sofa!!!

In the last two weeks, there have been five times nobody's turned up. I'm lucky that I'm with-it enough to know they've not come and phone up - a lot of their clients have dementia and wouldn't be able to. There's the little detail though that I have MS and I shouldn't have to cos the stress makes me worse!

It's now 5.30 pm and I'm waiting for a carer to arrive "some time", as I told them that yes I did still want a shower please!

Budge over Candy Cane and Naughty but Nice, I'm joining you in the Grumpy Gang!


Naughty but Nice said...

Plenty of room in grumpsville now I've vacated the premises ;-)

Sorry carers are such a pain, makes me so grateful that my partner has given up work to be my full time carer, don't know if he feels the same lol

mdmhvonpa said...

Hrmmm ... who pays these dolts?