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Monday, July 16, 2007

Jumpin' July!

See See Rider
Guess what I'm doing at the end of the month... I'm going skydiving!

Yep, throwing myself out of a plane 10,000 ft up in the sky and plummeting to earth. Exiting ay? Not something you do very often is it.

I've always wanted to do something like that, strange coming from a person who isn't fond of roller coasters and is aquaphobic.

I always thought you need a good excuse to do a thing like that, and though most people wouldn’t think so, actually it makes it all that more special. I'm disabled, I've been in a wheelchair and unable to walk for about 7 months now, my life has come to a stop, the only exiting thing that happens to me now a days is scrubs season 6!

So when I opened the latest MS Trust newsletter out popped a little leaflet that said, " Jump In June ". Wow.. Perfect opportunity!

I thought long and hard, I pictured myself in the plane getting so nervous I might just wet myself, would I actually be able to go through it? Then the thought of leaning out the plane and just dropping, just letting go of everything and flying, seeing the earth from a different point of view, feeling so alive its surreal.

This is exactly what I need.

So I went online registered myself, booked a date, then texted everyone I know and before I knew it I've already raised £1,130 for the MS Trust! (a lot of very generous people I know, and don't know for that matter )

Feeling quite smug about myself off I went to my GP to have my fitness form signed... he said 'NO' (insert sound of atomic bomb dropping on planet rider) que? Che cosa? Ce qui? WHAT? How can this be? I've been in touch with both the airfield and the MS trust and both have told me having MS is no problem!

This was his reason: I have a series of tests coming up (another MRI, etc) and he wants to wait until he gets the results. Which wont be until next year the way NHS goes about things!

I look back and I can't believe what a lame excuse that was. I'm only having more tests as they want to find out how many relapses I've had. I should've fought my case but I was too shocked. There should be no reason for him not to sign unless he honestly thinks I'm too ill to do it.

I was so annoyed, I was determined to go back and show him just how well I was, I'm going to ditch the wheelchair and WALK into his office!

This new found faith in myself gave me such a boost I went to my next physio session minus my wheelchair and managed to walk 5 steps all on my own! There were cheers and clapping from all the physiotherapists and I was even told that I'm better than my crutches so I can ditch those too! Instead I now use two long sticks which have been helping me push my walking abilities further.

I feel so good about my progress that I'm going back to my GP tomorrow and make him sign that form! I have a whole speech prepared and everything...

If it doesn't go to plan, watch this space as his address will be posted and anyone who wants to join me stone him is welcome!


Wednesday Addams said...

Fantastic see see - you go girl!

Funky Mango said...

That's great - you're braver than me!

*falls over at thought

*gets up and applauds

Candy Cane said...

aw see see well done, we'll have to catch up soon xx really proud of you xx

Anonymous said...

How absolutely exciting. I would be terrified to try and go skydiving. You only live once, though! I hope you have a blast.

see see rider said...

thanks all for your kind words! I will be seeing my GP in approx 2 hours! Its so unfair the way when youre ill nothing is your decision anymore!