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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hi all,

Sorry been so long since I have written. Just had nothing much to say, and haven't been online as much as I usually am.

I have had two colds since I last wrote in here. Been dumped and erm ... applied for jobs, had job interviews and got turned down for jobs after jobs.

I had a family BBQ today, to celebrate my birthday, it was a day early cause my father is going away tomorrow, so it kinda made sense. It went well, had some tasty yum-yums, which I ate a smidgen of, my throat is very sore so struggling to eat, but it is getting better I think.

Tomorrow I am going to an SCA Fair. I will try to let you know how that goes when I find out myself. It should be good.

Have a fantastic weekend. Be good and take care of yourselves.

All the best

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Naughty but Nice said...

Hi Smokey sorry I was supposed to comment on this earlier - happy belated birthday. Glad you had a good time at the BBQ.