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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SCA Faire

The SCA Faire went well, I met my Ex there, and erm one thing lead to another and we are now back in contact with one another, and going to give this friendship lark a go.

I can't get him out of my head, so perhaps this is the better way of doing things, no contact for a month and still my feelings are strong. And by his reaction on Sunday it must be something close ot it for him too. I am not expecting more than friendship, that would be daft, but I hope it will bring some closure.

The cats are all asleep and I have a stinking cold, so I am going to go and join the cats.

All the best


Julie Howell said...

Good luck, Smokey. Boys can be tricky. Remember 'When Harry Met Sally'. A man cannot be friends with a woman whom he's attracted to because...

Naughty but Nice said...

Hope it all works out for the best Smokey - I am still friends with a couple of my exes and one that was my first love but we are only friends online and not sure I'd want to meet him as I'm happy in the relationship I'm in and I wouldn't want something to come along and mess that up!!! Not saying it would but you know how funny things can happen!!!!

Smokey said...

Thanks Naughty But Nice, and Julie for your words of wisdom.

I agree that a man cannot be friends with a woman ... It's going to be a weird type of friendship, I think we both going to end up using one another. I am just fed up with being in limbo, I am hoping that one way or another I am going to know what is happening and where I stand and why I am standing there.

I know there is a strong risk that I can end up getting hurt, but where is live without the risks :-\