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Sunday, August 19, 2007

More stupid carers

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For those of you who read my last post on my lovely new carer, you'll be sad to hear that there hasn't been much improvement. In fact she has grown on me in poor amusement factor alone.

Her gem of this week was asking me in a patronising tone "Do you have a boyfriend?" Urm, no, not right now.

"Oh you should get yourself a lovely disabled boyfriend."

I suppose he has to be disabled I mean who else would want to go out with me?!

Then, as if to elaborate the point, she adds "I know this LOVELY disabled couple..." and she goes on in detail about their personal disabilities (Firstly, I don't want to know! Secondly, that stuff should be private with the agency).

Then she says, "Oh, but I don't know how they have SEX!"

Just when I'm about to point out that I'm sure they manage just fine she starts pulling yucky faces and making 'tut tut urghgh' noises!!

Amazing to think this is a women who's is working in the so called 'caring profession'. And the sad thing is she has no idea that what she says is inappropriate in the least.

It was her last day on Friday and I was wondering with what marvellous upbeat message she would leave me. Instead she patted me on arm saying "Aww I don't like to think of you here being on your own, you poor thing... awwwwww".

This is as I'm waving her out of the door - locking it behind her!!

Anyway, I've got a new person starting this week- can't be any worse... surely?


Smokey said...

Good luck with the new carer.

"Things can only get better" - I hope they do.

If not do not restrain yourself, just let rip lol

All the best

Naughty but Nice said...

What a twat that last carer was - someone will put her in her place one of these days!!! Hope the new carer works out better for you.