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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Empty pages

Candy Cane
Empty pages in my diary at last!
Now pass the chocolate, a mug of tea and my fleecey blanket and I'll go into hibernation for a few days
See you all soon xx


Smokey said...

**passes chocolate, mug of tea and blankett**

You rest now deary


Anonymous said...

Enjoy that choccy but don't hibernate for too long as we'll miss you!!!!

Smokey said...

**steals fleecey blanket** <--- as cold and don't want you to hibernate for too long as Divvy said we'll miss you


Funky Mango said...

*handcuffs candy cane to bedhead, leaving chocolate, tea and fleecy blanket in easy reach, to MAKE her rest*

*falls over*

Smokey said...

**picks Funky Mango up**

Girl you need to stop falling over !

Candy Cane said...

you cant handcuff me to a bed and make me drink tea.... i'll piddle myself!

Funky Mango said...

*adds bedpan to selection of objects next to bed