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Monday, April 9, 2007

I dare you all


There are a couple of things I would like to say in this blog entry.

Firstly the blog entry I left yesterday was written during an emotional time when life seemed to be getting to much. I was getting distracted of the point.

Secondary I am feeling a bit disheartened by this whole experience, it is the same very very very few people who are leaving comments and actually blogging. So if you are reading this leave a comment so I know that I am not writing this in vain. You do not need to get an account, you can leave an anonymous comment although that takes longer to appear apparently. Go on give it a go, I dare you.

This is for everyone, lets make it fun for all.

I am so lethargic today and can't seem to shake off my headache. My computer is doing seemingly random updates so having to keep restarting it.

I have nothing more to add for the moment,

Hope you all are having a great long weekend

Take care


Funky Mango said...

*jumps up and down and waves*

*falls over*

Smokey said...

Hello Funky Mango and thank you


Anonymous said...

Funky I wish you'd stop all this falling over lol

Divvy waving to funky and smokey but sitting calmly in her chair lol

I try to post when I remember but sometimes I just read and then go away again!!!!

I can't remember my damn google account password at the moment so I am just sending my comments by my name so they will probably take a little longer but when my brain starts working again I'll log into my google account!!

Candy Cane said...

I try to write blog entries hunny but i've been bloody busy! I actually think the other 2 have forgotten about us

Anonymous said...

just to let you know that your blogging is definately not in vain-i love reading what is happening in your lives, i can relate to things that are going on with youall, i know it sounds corny but it's nice to know i'm not alone and more importantly can laugh about it cheers AJ x

Candy Cane said...

hehe, dont worry divvy i keep forgetting my password too! Great to hear you're enjoying it AJ, I've really been enjoying it too. When jooly first approached me i found the idea very daunting, but having the other girls around me is loads of fun. keep reading xx

Anonymous said...

I happened on by and couldn't not reply to this entry could I? ;) Yep, my brain is that dead tonight that this is as exciting as i'll get. x