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Thursday, April 12, 2007


OK yesterday I went to the Joke-Centre (Job-Centre) and as I knew it would be, it was a complete waste of time. The said they were going to, and I quote:

"We will look at your Jobseeker's Agreement to see if it is still helpful. We will talk with you about jobs, training and other ways of helping you back to work. We will also tell you about help you may be able to get when you find work."

What they actually did was do a job search on their databases, which I do every week anyway. They did not even look at my "Jobseeker's Agreement". Nothing was talked bout, jobs or training or anything at all helpful. I asked about possible training, they said some colleges offer some courses at a discount, not very helpful. I also asked if they would look at my C.V. and see if there was anyway that it could be improved, they said "we do not have the resources for that". I am like ... what the heck are they there to do ?

I want their job, all they ever do is sit there and tell people to look for their own job and there is no help they can give. I could do that, I would make a DVD and put it on repeat saying "Don't ask me, I have no answers, look them up yourself" and go to the local pub.

Last night I went to dinner for my fathers birthday. It went well although uneventful. We went, we ate, we came home. That was it, nothing fun, good, but then again nothing bad either. The company was lighthearted and good as a whole.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Arnt we getting lovely weather !!!


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Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck in finding a job soon!!! I've never had to use the Job Centre but they sound like a useless lot down there!!!!!!