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Monday, April 23, 2007

Licence plates

I have decided to collect licence plates from around the world, so excited as this is my first collection of anything I think.

Need sleep, so going for a nap

Morning all



Funky Mango said...

Think I'll stick to my collection of empty Baileys bottles... you know why I keep falling over! ;-)

Anonymous said...

lol FM - I've always started collecting things and then moved on to something else since I was a kid. The newest collection in this house (yes Kier is as bad as me) is vinyl toys (and not the sort u r all thinking about before someone leaves a remark lol)

Candy Cane said...

are they made of vinyl?

Smokey said...

No they are made of tin, and hurt when you get hit round the head by one and also dents the plate when head makes contact with force. So don't do it !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes they are made of vinyl but some of them probably would hurt if you hit someone around the head with them - maybe Kier will let me try lol

Candy Cane said...

i meant are sex toys made of vinyl smokey

Smokey said...

I wouldn't know Candy Cane, I am far to innocent to have such knowledge !!! When you find out let me know ... < cough >

Heehee ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was surprised you needed to ask that Candy - lol