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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I get accused

Thank you Divvy, Candy Cane and the forever falling over Funky Mango for the waves.
Candy Cane you need to take it easy girl ... get some free spaces.

Today I went to the garden centre, one of those old fashion ones that sell pot plants (Plants in pot not pot in a tub), and compost. Not one of these new ones that sell ornaments and wind chimes and stuff like that. I got accused of stealing !!!

I was wearing tight jeans, boots, and a long t-shirt. As I cannot carry the compost bags at the moment and a pot plant would not fit in my tight jeans I have no idea what I apparently nicked and where the hell I hide the blasted thing.

Anyway the manager came out ranting at me to “put it back”. I just stood their blankly between the the HUGE pots. When the manager came right over, still shouting, I asked him where I have hidden whatever it is I nicked. I did a twirl and said “see, no where to hide anything”. He smiled at me and said he would be watching me then walked off. Like what the feck was that all about (apologies to readers who may be offended in any way) ?

I have the joke centre (jobcentre) tomorrow, which I hate, but at least they now have someone who is better at helping me, well that is what they have said in my letter. I reserve judgement for now but I lack any hope really. Will let you know how it goes.

I also got to go out for dinner tomorrow as it is my fathers birthday. It should be ... erm ... fun ? :-\ Once again I will tell you know it goes, if I come out of it sane enough to do so.

Right I am off to see who is in Jooly's Joint

Have a great week and fantastic health



Funky Mango said...

*falls over*


Ooops, now I've lost my temporal ordering! ;-)

Maybe you should try the same thing, go back to the garden centre and nick something now?

Smokey said...

Good idea,

any requests ?