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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ok, that's it

Candy Cane
I've had enough! this years spring fashion seems to have conspired against me to make it impossible to buy any new clothes.
Mini dresses??? Platform heels??? Are you mad??? At least noone will be able to see my injection site reaction marked thighs (and after 4 years they're a pretty picture) while I'm face down on the ground. And so long as the mini dress only hitches up on one side you'll see a nice peachy bumcheek! (I can only inject one side, can't reach the other).
Well, all i can say is thank god for maxi dresses, ballet pumps and leggings! Although i do still fall over in ballet pumps but I'll save that for another blog entry

1 comment:

Smokey said...

It sneaked in !!! Cunning little post !!!

Oh and how the confusion mounts ...